Why I should not be too early to anything and a rhetorical question

Last night I had two things on the calendar. One was "drop Paul off at friend's house @ 7." The other was "Dinner exchange @ 7:30."

So, at the appointed hour, I hopped in the van with Paul and I took him to his friend's house. Now I had half an hour until I had to be at the second commitment but I didn't want to go back home because that was actually out of the way. I had packed the 5 dinners (all frozen into concrete-ish slabs) in the van so I could go straight to the person's house who was hosting this dinner exchange. As I drove to the place of the dinner exchange, I checked the time: 7:08. WAY too early.

Hmmm. What to do? I didn't want to sit outside S's house for 22 minutes, nor did I feel comfortable knocking on her door and saying "Hey! I'm way early. Entertain me!"

FORTUNATELY (or unfortunately) she lives really close to the Mill End fabric store. Well! What better place for me to spend 20 minutes?

45 minutes and $18 later, I left. I was LATE to the meal exchange. I should have gone to the auto parts store instead. I'd have saved money and been on time.

Anyway, this is what my $18 got me:
Time for the rhetorical question: WHATEVER shall I DO with orange and green fabrics?

And Jim, do NOT roll your eyes and say "Like you don't have enough pumpkin stuff."


Jen said…
Ooh, I can think of lots of stuff to do with orange and green. Those 2 colors have been a part of my life for a quite a while now (take a look at my website, living room and kitchen). I'm even thinking I'll use those colors to decorate my master bathroom along with aqua. Have fun!
Karie said…
I've been thinking of making a pumpkin "snowman" for Halloween, so now I'm envious of your excellent pumpkin-colored cloth stash.
froggybaby said…
giddy with excitement
Abby said…
Make a quilt or two. You can also donate them to hospitals for Project Linus for kids who have to stay in the hospital. Check it out online--good service opportunity and it makes the kiddies feel good and crap.