One paragraph for each child and pictures for three of them

Other Jim: OJ got his "track" assignment for BYU-I. He was assigned Winter/Spring. That means he has three extra months to save money for college. He's not quite happy about it, but I'm sure he'll get used to the idea eventually. It's kind of a good thing for Jim; we were a bit worried about taking OJ to Idaho in early Sept because that's a difficult time for Jim to take off work--the bosses said no vacations late August/early September (at least that's what I heard when Jim was talking. Maybe I heard wrong. You can quote me on it, but be prepared in case Jim says that he didn't say that.)

Paul: He's being targeted by OJ and his Nerf dart gun.

So he decides to protect himself. With a footstool? Hey, it was handy.
Heeheehee! This reminds me of my brothers who used to use the same kind of footstools as a football helmets. I had a good laugh. In other Paul news, his displastic mole, which was removed last August, grew back and he had to have it removed again, this time resulting in three stitches. And I have to provide the wound care for it, since a) Paul can't quite reach back there, b) Jim gets woozy when looking at stuff like this and c) Paul inherited Jim's tendency towards wooziness and almost passed out after the procedure.

Hayley: Band concert picture! (and just ignore the kid behind her) Sigh. She's looking so teenagerish! Where has the little Cheeky-Pie gone?

Matt: I was sitting with him on the couch watching him irritate the cat and I spied something green on his knee.I asked him what it was and he got embarrassed and started laughing. He told me that his pants had developed a small hole and he wanted to patch it up. So that's his patch. It's very loosely sewed on, but I had to laugh that he would take such initiative to "save" a pair of favorite jeans.


Karie said…
That's pretty awesome sewing initiative, that preventative patch. Way to go!
Jenni said…
OJ: That will be a nice track, as as you said, he can save up more money and drive you more insane.
Paul: Hope the mole-man is feeling better and I like his use of the stool.
Hayley: She is very serious and I actually like the kid behind her. It makes the picture funny.
Matt: He picked such an interesting fabric for which to patch...
Dennis said…
Sorry but OJ can't go to college, he's not old enough (at least in my mind).
Interesting use of a stool.
Hayley is so grown up. Where's her baboon?
Matt, I love the choice of fabric for your patch job.
Jen said…
Ha, thought I had commented on this, but I see that I have not.

Too funny about the foot stool having other uses because it's the same at our house. I've seen it used as a helmet, chair, table, pants (don't ask), and baby bed. Lucy also found herself accidentally using it as a mask. Funny story behind that.

I LOVE that picture of Hayley (minus the strange-looking boy in the background). A little photoshop burning of the background, and that picture would be frameworthy. Hayley looks gawjus!

Oh my, it looks like you've raised yourself a fun, young lad in Matt. I can't believe that a) he observant enough to even notice or care that he had a hole in his jeans, b) he took the initiative to find a way to repair them and c) he was brave enough and had the know how to patch his pants by himself. Way to go, Matt! Can we have him?
TaterBean said…
"each kid"?? you forgot about THIS kid! *pointing to myself*