Countdown: 7 days until the party

I'm getting a little nervous. Other Jim graduates in 8 days. I'm not worried about him graduating; despite the two days off he claimed as "college days,"* he's good to walk the robed-and-funny-hatted path to his high school diploma.

I'm getting nervous about the food and the cleanliness of my house for the party.

Nervousness sometimes propels me to action. Yesterday I baked up two cake mixes into cupcakes. Today maybe I'll do two more. And I've talked to my caterers (a.k.a. my brother, my other brother, and my mother) about the food for the party.

And an FYI for people who are planning to come to my house for the party, when holes develop in the linoleum in the dining room, apparently the "fix" is to apply packing tape. Sigh. It looks SO chic.

To put my mind at ease from the nervousness, I shall be posting pictures of OJ (or Jimmy, depending on his age at the time of the picture) and commenting on them.

This is Jimmy in kindergarten. That impish face should have warned me of the deviltry to come. His face says, "I'm going to have such fun being a pain in the butt! And then my dimples, huge eyes and ears will make you love me again."

*Grrrr. "College days" apparently are a legitimately excused absence for a senior at OJ's school and they are allowed two. I won't tell you what OJ did with his two days; suffice to say that I made him do something to advance his college preparations before he went off to do what he wanted to do. And then I took two Advil for the headache he gave me.


Jenni said…
That means 7 days til my trip north! I'm excited to be there and enjoy the party. I think Jimmy inherited his impishness. He resembles his father. So, who does he behave like???? Mike.
Jen said…
The party will go off without a hitch. It's great that you have so many family members willing to help out, especially 2 chefs for brothers:) Can't wait to see you guys next week.
Jen--Only one of the chefs is helping. The other helping brother would be your husband who is making sandwich loaf, as per his own insistence that sandwich loaf be available at the party table.

Jenni--Yay! And yes, he has some Mike-ish impishness, despite getting most of his looks from a rather quieter DNA source. I am only too relieved that this graduation is actually happening.