Running away can be a good thing

Yesterday, Jim suggested that we take a day trip up to Gooseberry Falls. It was nice to get out of town and enjoy some Minnesota scenery.

Would you like to look at a bunch of pictures? I don't feel guilty about posting a wad of pictures because my mother's computer and internet access is up to the task of showing all of them to her.

And the rest of you, you're welcome to look at them too.

A little visitor to our picnic at a rest stop. Matt jumps across the rocks
Kids can't resist climbing around in dangerous areas. I took pictures to calm my nerves.

Jim waves hello from down below.

We liked the exposed tree roots
Gooseberry Falls
Pathway to Lake Superior
At the mouth of the river.
Skipping rocks
Lake Superior is on the other side of those rocks
The North Shore
Proof that I was there tooMatt waded into the lake, but ran out shortly after because the water was FREEZING!

Matt picks rocks out of his toes while Hayley relaxes with her mouth open. Truly an AWESOME picture!
The rocky shore


Jenni said…
Just beautiful! Loved it so much. Such grand landscapes!
Jen said…
What a beautiful and fun place to visit. Good for Jim for thinking of taking a day trip there.