This morning by the numbers

Number of times I shrieked out loud today: 4
Number of times I shrieked out loud because of an earwig running around in a laundry basket: 1
Number of times I shrieked out loud because of a huge, gross, dead spider in the sink: 1
Number of times I shrieked out loud because of a large, floundering moth: 1
Number of times I shrieked out loud because an aglet hit my arm while on a walk: 1
Number of times I thought the aglet was a giant, hideous, evil, flying insectoid killing machine: 1
Number of times someone (a passing jogger) heard me shriek out loud and politely ignored it so as to lessen my embarrassment: 1
Number of times a child laughed at me for shrieking out loud: 3

Hayley needs a time out.

And the bugs need to leave me alone.

And aglets need to announce in verbal and written form of their intention to bang on my arm like a deer fly after a blood snack so I don't freak out in public.

PS: The cat ate the moth--right in front of me. Gross! (Servo--now go get the earwig!)


Jenni said…
nice...last night I was walking here in Hurricane and I walked under a tree full of purple flowers. All of a sudden, I was aware of a loud humming and realized the tree I was under was COVERED in bumble bees. I stepped right out of my skin and carefully walked away. It was so awful. I did not shriek. I think I was too afraid.
Dennis said…
But Bear Grills eats bugs. I've seen him on TV eating worms, week old (dead) Caribou, week old dead camel and the Biggest, juciest worms you have ever seen. Today I saw my first Monarch Butterfly of the season. They migrate from Mexico to here. Amazing!
What is an earwig?
Jenni said…
Earwigs are nasty and they crawl into your ears with their wee pincers and eat you from the inside out. Not really. But they are gross.