Graduation picturation

It's official: I have only three little children left. Other Jim has made the transition from kid to young adult. He has a high school diploma.

We took a few pictures before the ceremony. Jim wasn't there because Paul had to be at the school early for band and Jim drove him.

OJ and me:
Aunt Jenni is being serious and contemplating matters of the universe. OJ is being "cool."
Aunt Jenni and OJ and Grandma
Paul in the band. He spent most of the time talking to his french horn player neighbor.
The sea of blue
OJ receives his diploma after hearing his (rather long) name read over the loudspeaker.
Third and fourth:
Grandparents Hawley and OJ
Happy family!


Jenni said…
Your pictures are so good!! It was a great night!!
Jenni said…
An official congratulations, James Warner Evans the Fourth! I'm glad the weather cooperated and that all went as planned. So good to see everyone at your party the other night.
Marta said…
Great pictures! Congratulations!!
Congratulations!! We are down to 1 at home - woo hoo!