I wanted in on the sticker action

The summer job chart has been a mainstay here in the shoebox castle for probably ten years. It started out as a way to help a certain child retain some of the schooling from the previous school year. The job chart included school subjects like math, writing, and geography but it also included chores.

I included the chores so that I could teach the kids how to clean (in reality, I included them so that I could be driven crazy by kids who are reluctant to do chores, do them badly, or complain about chores, evil mothers, and homework during the summer. And yet, I'm still implementing the system. You would have thought I'd have learned my lesson by now).

This summer, so far only Matt and Hayley have participated in the job system, only because Other Jim and Paul have been gone for nearly a week and half to EFY (last week) and the church history trek (they'll be back tomorrow). I eagerly await their return so that I can get a full rotation of jobs done around the house!

I realized I'd been missing someone on the chore chart thing. Me. I need one very badly. So finally after ten years of ordering the children about and having them refer to the chore chart to see what their duties are, I've made one for myself.

So far, I've completed one day's worth of jobs. I have one row of stickers on my chart. It looks pretty nice. I hope the promise of stickers continues to work its motivational magic!


Jen said…
Good idea! It's been difficult implementing our chore system so far because we've been busy being out and about, and it's nice to just keep the kids OUTSIDE ALL DAY! What kind of jobs are on your sticker chart?
I've put on there just a few things that I have to do every day.

shower (otherwise I won't brush my teeth)
cleaning job
make bed

Then I have a list of projects that I work on when I need a break from the chores. Granted, most of the things on my chart aren't "work" but they are the basics to make me feel like I've gotten a good start to the day. And homework and journaling are actually part of the same college class, but I'm supposed to write in my journal everyday and I've been forgetting since the party. So I need this reminder.

Not included on my list are things like "drive children places" "check to see how well children did jobs" "nag children to do jobs" "blog" and "nag children again to do jobs"
Jenni said…
Good for you! You have to put fun things on there, too!!