Ferocious nature

While driving home from church last night, Hayley, Matt, and I spotted a fox! It was standing in the road. At first we thought it was a really skinny cat, but as we got closer, it was obviously a red fox. We drove past after it trotted into a yard to avoid the car, but it stood in the yard and watched us pass.

When we got home, Jim helped me unload all the stuff from the car (I am now a leader in the Young Women's organization at church and I don't pack light) and as I was standing outside, I heard Matt yell out to us that the fox was now in our yard.

I ran around to the side, but it had already gone to the other side of the yard. I went back to the driveway just in time to see the fox gallop through our front yard and across the street.

I wonder where it lives? My neighbor has mentioned the fox before so it probably lives close by.
And I wonder if it is the reason I haven't seen any bunnies this year (go fox!)?


Vern said…
Hey shoebox princess! Thanks for stopping by my blog. Hopefully we can share tales of teenage woes together. As for your fox, I could use one over in my 'hood. The rabbits are EVERYWHERE.
Jen said…
Love that story. The girls and I saw a fox one day when we were picking up Mike at the train station. They are very cute (and cuddly, I'm sure).