Countdown: Seminary

Katie arrives tomorrow (late)! 3 days til the party, 4 days til graduation!

Other Jim graduated from seminary yesterday. Four years he has gotten up early to go to seminary before heading off to school. I can't say he was always on time (in fact, this last quarter he had over 20 tardies--the naughty boy!), but he usually went with a smile.

I went to the last day of seminary on May 28th--yes, I got up at 5:30 a.m.--to help out with the breakfast. I took a few pictures too.

It was a large class. Paul is in the picture too. He's just finished his second year of seminary.
Here is the group of seniors who graduate with their two teachers. I like both these ladies very much.
And of course, they have to goof around.
Last night was the actual graduation with seminary seniors from all over the stake. I was so proud of my son when they called his name to receive his diploma. I truly do not know what changed his feelings toward church from elementary into middle school and on to high school. I always dreaded taking him to church when he was a kid because he put up such a fuss about everything to do with church: church shoes, dress pants/shirt, a belt, sitting in Sacrament meeting, primary, etc. I knew that I had to keep taking him, regardless of his fits. But it was hard. I used to take him out of the meeting to stand in the foyer, but once he realized that I was making him stand in the foyer with his arms folded and not letting him run around, which is what he thought he was going to be able to do after making a ruckus in Sacrament, he stopped being a pill.

His first talk in church was preluded by many tears and sighs and arguments, but now he likes to stand up in front of the congregation and speak. He likes to hang out with the missionaries. And he likes to wear dress clothes. In fact, yesterday he went to a grad party for a friend in his suit because the party was right before the seminary graduation. Friends kept asking him why he was so dressed up. His answer was: "why not?"

One other sign that he is almost all grown up: he allowed me to hug him after seminary graduation. He didn't flinch or say, "Mo-o-o-o-o-om!" or run away. He hugged me back even.



Jenni said…
That is so nice. He's a good kid!! Be proud. He had a large seminary class - that is nice. I often times hear of young boys who hate church but then are super active as teens and adults. WTG!!
Jen said…
It sure does take dedication to go to seminary class each morning especially for a teenager who could choose to sleep in instead. Congrats, OJ! And good on for you hugging your ma:)