Party pictures

I didn't get very many pictures of Other Jim during the party. He was working the crowd, as was I and we seldom crossed paths. But when I did see him, he was being a good party host and smiling and talking to our guests.

Party pics:

Cupcakes. Close to 8 dozen of them. Kate and Other Jim's friend Rissa decorated them all. I must give them a big blog thank you for all their help.

Rissa and Katie got bored writing the same old platitudes on the cupcakes, so they came up with alternative wordage, such as:There was another cupcake with the word "FAIL" on it. I had a good laugh.

One of the display boards was a collage of OJ's school pictures:
Here is another display board:

And yet a third display. Yes, I have taken many pictures of OJ.
The cake had a miniature frisbee golf hole on it that I made myself out of a cupcake liner container, a McD's medium drink lid, a straw, an old silver ring, some silver embroidery floss, and a kabob skewer. Necco wafers served as miniature frisbees.
Between the full sheet cake and the 8 doz cupcakes, I thought I had plenty of desserts. And maybe we did, but it's all GONE. Not even a stray cupcake left! Kate said to me this morning that she thought we had more than enough cupcakes but perhaps for Paul's party in two years, we need MORE.

Kate offers size perspective for the mini frolf hole.
Probably no one noticed that there was a tick on the cake. I begged and pleaded to be allowed to put the tick on the cake. I did it as an homage to the many ticks OJ found on his person during school after spending his APES class pulling buckthorn. Initially OJ nixed the tick on the cake, but he was eventually persuaded, even calling that piece of cake for himself (although I do not know if he actually got it) as a means of revenge for the two ticks he found that had already bitten him.

OJ and his friend Rissa. She was a big big help!
My caterers:
Yummy sandwich loaf!
Grandma and Vi. Vi was SUCH a good girl for the party. She was a hit with the teenage girls and many of the adults.

A rare photo. I'm glad the four of you were here! (I'd like to point out the stray hand between Mike and Dave. Does anyone know to whom that hand belongs?)
The outdoors portion of the party. Thank you weather fairy for making the day a nice one!
Grandpa and ViGrandma Hawley gets the best job at the party--feeding month-old Austin!


Dennis said…
It was a fabulous party with excellent food. I'm sorry you didn't get a cup cake but I can attest they were very good (I had only one). I did not notice the tick - good job.
Jen said…
There was quite a spread there, and I'm still full from it. Jake's professionally made dishes all set up in their official serving ware were fabulous, and I still can't believe that sandwich loaf was almost all gone. The turnout was great, and you can tell that you guys worked yourself to the bone preparing for the party. The tick went unnoticed by my beady eyes.
Jenni said…
I agree! The party was a success on all accounts. I'm so glad I could be there. Food was fabulous, lots of people, and great conversation. Yay!
Jenni said…
and I love the new background - LOVE IT.