Countdown: now living a more active lifestyle

3 days til Katie arrives, 5 days til the party, 6 days til graduation.

Jimmy/OJ has always been an active boy. He likes to DO things.

He played baseball for many years.

He was always willing to give new things a try.
He played football his freshman year (#61)
He's gone on high adventure trips with his church group. Here he is up in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area.
And lately it's been frisbee golf.He's taking his bike and his frisbee golf hole with him when he goes to college. I wonder what new activities await him in Idaho?

Picture of Paul running the mile in Sections:

He and Carl (the other guy in the picture) have apparently invented a new sport: Synchronized running. They are right-on together. (Not really! They haven't invented anything; I saw this picture and thought that it looked like they were in sync with each other. I wouldn't have explained the joke, but it occurred to me that people might not get that it wasn't really Paul that thought it up, that it was really just an odd picture.)


Jen said…
Such a grownup. He should make many friends with having his own frisbee golf hole. See you next week.
TaterBean said…
yay!! he'll be in ID in less than a year...only 4 hours from me! :D