Countdown: Piddly tasks

Piddly tasks like cleaning out dresser drawers. I don't know what cleaning out dresser drawers has to do with party prep or graduation, but I made the little kids do it last night anyway. Matt filled three plastic grocery bags with clothing he has no use for anymore, and Hayley filled two. Now I won't have to hear anymore complaints about dressers not being big enough for all the clothes they have to put away.

Plus Other Jim, who has a legitimate complaint about not enough room for his clothes, will get two drawers in Matt's dresser (drawers which were formerly filled with Lego sets and action-figure-type toys) and more space on a bookshelf because of some recent cleaning. OJ has previously used my laundry baskets to store his clothes that won't fit in his admittedly small dresser and therefore I was always scrounging around for laundry baskets. I hope this cleaning and purging makes scrounging unnecessary. (not likely)

Katie arrives late tonight, party in 2 days, graduation in 3.

I am whipping myself into a frenzy. Weeding the yard and garden today and making more icing. Staring at the wall, contemplating dust particles will have to wait until next week.

Today's picture of OJ:
At scout camp, playing some group games. OJ is the one in the blindfold.
Last night, OJ had homework. It was his last night of high school homework. It was my last night of shaking my fist at him to get him to concentrate on his homework. This afternoon when he comes home, he comes home a graduate. No more high school for OJ. The other kids have two more days. But the seniors are done.

High five! My fist was getting tired from 13 years of shaking.

PS ACK! No weeding in the yard/garden. Constant rain today. Frowny face (but really smiley face)


Jenni said…
AND I WILL BE THERE - I SO TICKLY!! I can't wait for the party!! I can't wait to walk on Minnesota grass. I can't wait.

I am very excited for the food, too.

And to see Jimmy in his cap and gown. And to shed only a couple tears. Oops just shed two now.
Jen said…
1 more day to MN, 2 more days to party! Can't wait.