Paul is a masochist

For cross country practice, he ran 13 (THIRTEEN!) miles yesterday on a lark.

Then also yesterday he played paintball with OJ and some friends. This is what he got from that:

See the faint welt mark? That was only one of many welts from the paintballs hitting him.

Here are two more on his side. He said he had a fun day.


Jenni said…
AARGH!! Bruises on purpose? Maybe some padding next time. I do hear it is fun, though. I might like the shooting paint at people part.

And 13 miles? Start signing up for the half marathon races and get some real credit for that. I need to start running. Won't be pretty.
Jen said…
Owwie, Paul! And 13 miles is just too much especially given how hot a summer we've been given this year.