Ellipsoid-o-lith update

Remember my rock?

It's still around but......it's now inside, sitting in between the entertainment center and the wall. It came inside because I needed it for inspiration for a paragraph in an assignment for my class. So it's hanging out with me inside the house for a little while.

Bet you were interested.


Mike said…
I remember when you got that! I feel all cool and inside-ey to know exactly where and when you got the rock that is featured on you "Lunch-box Dutchess" website.
Jen said…
That's quite a rock and doing what it does best. Great place for it.
Jenni said…
I hope it provides inspiration. It provided a sore back to a flight attendant once. I thought the cable was a lizard tail. I was disappointed.
Dennis said…
Now I remember the story. I'm glad to see you rock is still around and behaving. Once Sharon and I bought a pink rock somewhere in SD ($3.00). We had it for several years but alas it didn't get moved during one of our moves.