Post-party foggy brain

Summer is officially here and I'm still cleaning up from the party. My brain is refusing to participate in clean-up. I may have to give it a time-out and/or a severe spanking.

I'm taking a break from cleaning out the catch-all cupboard in the dining room to blog.

But without my brain (which has run off to the park to pout), I cannot blog thoughtfully (have I ever?).

So I'm falling back on my standby of listing ten things.

Ten things after OJ's graduation party:

1. Post-party clean-up takes a LOT longer than pre-party cleanup.
2. Eating cupcakes takes a LOT shorter than making and decorating them.
3. Don't forget about eggs that you've set on the stove to hard-boil. I blame the brain for the burnt eggs smell that permeates the house now (going on day two). Stupid stupid forgetful brain.
4. My kids have developed "anyone but Mom" game strategies while playing Killer Bunnies with me. I fear for the life of my bunnies.
5. OJ and Paul are gone to EFY. It's amazing how much food we won't eat this week because they are gone.
6. Kate leaves today. She's been a fun guest/returning kid.
7. While blog-surfing, I just realized that I hardly ever run across blogs written by mothers of teenagers. Where is my demographic? I don't mind reading about life with little kids, but I tend to wax nostalgic or want to tell the young moms how to do what they are already doing. I have no group to actually commiserate with. And no, I'm not going to start up my own online community of mothers of teenagers. I don't have time for that.
8. Bathtubs don't clean themselves.
9. Teenagers do.
10 But they don't pick up after themselves. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!


Jenni said…
Let the brain take a break. Close the eyes. You are feeling very sleepy.
A few blogs of teenage moms that I know of (and like):

Divergent Pathways
My Real Life was Backordered
Is it Just Me? (JustRandi)
Rabbit in the Headlights

Let me know if you want websites. :)
Jen said…
Hope your life is back to normal after all the visitors and festivities.