Countdown: I'm glad I took so many pictures all those years ago

These kids don't exist anymore. They've been replace by taller (except in Katie's case; she's not much taller), less huggy people. Actual people. No more are they my own little dollies to dress up and play house with.
I'm thinking of having OJ and Katie reenact the above picture when Kate visits next week.

Three Jims.
Jim (I'm talking to the one on the left in the picture), I wish you could come out for a visit to reenact this picture, although Other Jim might not fit on your lap anymore.

I'm including this picture to commemorate the day my son got a hole in one at the local mini golf course.

and also to give a preview for a certain pastry that will need making. It won't be exactly the same, but there are distinct similarities. And it's not for a birthday.

And with that suspense, we leave the realm of the countdown--4 days til Kate comes, 6 days til party, 7 days til graduation--and move on to track.

I promise this will be the last track-related post until next spring.

Paul ran in the section meet yesterday evening. He was seeded 25th in the section and ran in the "slow" heat. He jostled and elbowed his way up to third place at one point, but then fell back some and then held steady with his teammates to finish 9th in the heat. He finished 21st overall, moving up 4 places in the rankings. He also set another personal record: 4:46 for the 1600m. The guys were booking, even in the "slow" heat. The guy who finished first overall ran it in 4:16. YIKES. He collapsed in the grass immediately after crossing the finish line. (He was fine)

Pictures of that maybe later after I load them to the computer.

Or maybe not. You've all seen pics of Paul running.

PS A third brother has willingly offered to contribute to the catering of the party next week! I have a whole catering staff of four people! Woo-hoo!


Jen said…
I second a vote for the reenactment of picture one and maybe a good lap visit with dad, too:) We are very excited to see everyone next week. Glad Paul did well at his Mac race.
TaterBean said…
MOTHER!...I AM tall! :(

i like that pic of my and jimmy when we were little...i wouldn't work now that we are older wouldn't very cute
What? You've grown since I saw you last?
Jenni said…
Travis always talks of being short like it is a defect. I don't get it. I like being short.

And 6 more days until I get there.

And isn't it nice that 2 of the people helping with food are real, live chefs, so that it almost feels like the party is being professionally catered?

And Mike worked at the Stein for a short time, so does he count?

And I want to witness the reenactment.
I agree, Jenni, that there is nothing wrong with being short.

SO there, Kate. You are just fine being as not tall as you are.

And YES I love telling people that I have professional chefs catering the graduation party. I feel all upper class when I say it. Anytime I can use the word "chafers" in reference to food for a party makes me feel like I'm putting on a classy fete!
TaterBean said…
Well, no i haven't grown since you saw me last mom...but i got taller shoes! --that counts right? :) mmmm...i'm excited to eat the delicious food at jimmy's grad party! i only got a little at mine since i had to actually talk to people :( yay! aunt jenni will be there! Hi Auntie Jenni! will you be coming to UT this year too? --like last year for Morgan's music thing at BYU...
Dennis said…
Tater Bean... I'm sure that if auntie Jenny comes to UT this year she will be checking her return flight to make sure she has the right time and day for it. I'm anxious to see you again.