Shirt story

Saturday was the cross country meet for Paul that I couldn't go to but Jim could. (Wish I could have gone) Jim took pictures and so I will post them now for you and then I will relate an anecdote that proves that thriftiness can attract the girls.

Again: pictures now, story in a little bit.

Here are three running Lakers at the beginning of their varsity race:

One of the boys has something in his hand.
That's right. His shoe. Silly Thomas! The shoe goes on your foot!

(Jim was disappointed that the picture he took didn't include the unshod foot. The foot with the shoe on it was the prominent one. Oh well, it was a missed opportunity that Jim didn't realize was missed until later.)

And here is our Paul, who tied his previous personal best of 18:01. He says he could have run faster but the course was muddy and prone to sucking the shoes off of unsuspecting runners, although that didn't happen to him.
'K, now the story.

Several weeks ago, my mother, in a fit of thriftiness, bought a bunch of shirts (at the price of $1 each) at her local rec center. She gave a pile of them to us and we divvied them up by sizes.

Fast forward to today at the CC meet. Paul wore one of the shirts to the meet. He wore it because the shirt is long-sleeved and today was on the less-hot end of the thermometer. Furthermore, the shirt was yellow and blue (our school colors) (pardon me: GOLD and blue) (but I still think yellow. What is wrong with calling a school color YELLOW? It's a perfectly legitimate color) (um...anyway) and it said "Cross country" in block lettering in an interesting cubic formation that grammarians would cringe at because the line breaks were done without regard to word continuity (if that makes any sense) (nevermind, I'll take a picture of the shirt and post it so you all can see what it looked like).

So he's wearing this shirt all innocent like (because he is, after all, our alien PAUL). Suddenly he noticed that he had caught the attention of a bunch of girls. Girls he didn't know. Girls from Wayzata. They gathered around him and asked him where he got his shirt. Poor Paulie didn't know where it had come from. He had to tell them that one day it magically appeared on his bed. Turns out the shirt was their team shirt from last year! So naturally, they wondered how someone had come into possession of one of their shirts. (Paul just told me that they thought he had stolen it from their base camp)

After the girls dispersed, some of the guys on Paul's team came up to Paul, tweaked by jealousy, and requested that Paul set them up with some of the Wayzata girls.

And there the story ends. Kind of a lame ending, but I had to laugh at the middle part. I don't think Paulie quite knows what to do when surrounded by a bunch of girls who demand his attention. Even more so when he suspects the shirt comes by way of a grandma who likes to buy things on the cheap and give them to grandchildren without them knowing about it.

For your viewing pleasure, here is the shirt (and one of Paul's vacant stares).
And the back side of it (because it has a fun quote)


Jenni said…
Good pictures and good story!! Funny to be caught like that. Oh the messes mom gets us into!!
Jen said…
Poor Paul! Of course, this would happen to Paul, of all people. It's funny though that it is the proper school colors and a cross country theme. Too eery, I'd say.
TaterBean said…
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! That made me laugh so hard! Crazy!