Continuation of trend

Hayley's turn.

My little girl of the long fingers (well, long in comparison with my fingers).

Sometimes I call her Peaches. She asked me a few times why I call her that when she doesn't even like peaches. I told her I didn't know.

She is an answer to a prayer. When I was pregnant with her, I prayed very hard for a girl so that I wouldn't have three boys in a row. I'd seen what three boys in a row could be like with my younger brothers and I thought, if at all possible, I'd like to have a girl instead.

But she sure isn't a girly girl. She is comfortable around boys--she's the only female in her jazz band and counts many of the boys in jazz as her friends.

Hayley loves to laugh as much as I do. She also likes to find the little absurdities so prevalent in the English language. She likes to ask, "whoever came up with the phrase 'good grief?' Grief isn't good, and whenever someone says it, they usually aren't talking about something good."

Wave to Hayley!


Jenni said…
We like Hayley!! I have fond memories of having her visit a couple summers ago for 6 weeks. That was a great time. I hope she has fond memories. And, who doesn't like peaches?
Jen said…
What's wrong with Hayley? How can you be human and not like peaches? Although so far UV doesn't either. hayley Has such a sweet spirit. She did put up with my girls for a week, after all.