I had it all worked out. Three presents per child this Christmas. One, two, three. Fifteen total. Katie's were shipped; everyone else's gifts are waiting patiently in the closet for wrapping time.

And then Jim had to go and mess it up. He bought a fourth present for one of the children (I won't say which one, but I will give you a hint. This child looks like his dad and is named like his dad) without consulting the LIST. It's a big present too; granted, it is something he will need for his upcoming future (which isn't all that futurous. Very very soon this future will become the now) but the addition of a fourth present has thrown me off.

I don't like unfairness. I am able to set aside the lack of fairness with regard to price, but I don't like that one child has four presents to open, and the others have only three (although Katie may have gotten four, but she doesn't quite count because she won't be opening them here).

Now I gotta go out and get three more presents. One of the children gave us a very short list of things he wants/needs, and I am having fits trying to think of something to get him.

So while I stew about presents, you can look at one of my favorite ornaments. I cross-stitched it myself back when we lived in Portland (oh...17 years ago). I like it because it was the first time I had used a different color stitching cloth--navy blue. I had to go to a special store to find it. The scene is appealing to me too because it's so peaceful looking.

I don't do much cross-stitching anymore, mostly because I have convinced myself that I need to be doing college work instead. I miss cross-stitching.


Jenni said…
Very pretty ornament. I hope you can figure someway to fix the dilemma. I know how it goes though. I took 3 things back the other day after Travis had gone shopping.
TaterBean said…
I got plus jimmy's present, but that's ok, i don't mind having more than everybody else. :P i want to see pics of family opening presents on christmas!!
Jen said…
The Fairness Doctrine is put into action. I say just get each kid a random DVD to add to the collection. Or how about some office supplies such as pens, pencils, printer cartridges. That way everyone can enjoy the fun:)