So Monday I showed you a picture of Katie, and yesterday OJ. That means today I get to show you the alien.
Some of you might think I'm being mean when I call Paul an alien, but I just can't escape the sneaky suspicion that he is not from around here. His mannerisms have always been just slightly off. No matter. I like him anyway. And he seems to have friends.

Mike's Jen took some pictures of our family on Thanksgiving for me to use as Christmas cards and in one of them we caught him awaiting instructions from his mothership.
Let's give Paulie the Vulcan hand sign ("live long and prosper") along with an Orkan "Nanoo nanoo" verbal greeting.


Jen said…
You should have made a gif of Paul's head cropped from each of the 83 pictures to show people how it looks almost exactly the same in every single picture except for these 2.
Jenni said…
I want to see that what Jen said. Imagine life without Paulisms. We'd only see things as they really are.