I need the fainting couch again. And a pen.

Another 9-hour work day.

That means that I have to put off Christmas cards again. Sigh.

This weekend. I promise I'll do them this weekend.

(Where has December gone?)


Jen said…
This would be a great time to sign the kids up to do the cards for you. That's what I did. The girls stuffed and labeled the cards for me saving me so much time. The labels are crooked as heck, but I don't care since the cards are now done. Whew, what a relief!
Jenni said…
My Christmas cards aren't done, neither. Alas. I have the letter to finish and I have to buy envelopes. I fear that my letters this year will be on plain paper. Such is life. And long work days are...long work days.
TaterBean said…
I got the packages with the christmas presents and stuff. THANKS for sending the food too! :)