Tis the season of family photos

SIL Jen and I have been in negotiations over my Christmas card layout for this year. She has something against me liking blue and wanting it for a background two years in a row. Actually, I don't think last year's card was blue. I don't remember sending out cards last year. The year before that had a navy background though, I do know that.

Anyway, cards are coming this year. Really awesome cards. The only thing I regret about this year's photo shoot is that no one took a picture of my mother sliding down the stairs on her butt while we, the Evans family, were sitting for our portrait. My mother--ever the scalliwag, even in her "dotage."

No I won't show you the picture that I finally chose. But I will show you a few that I didn't choose.

This picture was actually taken as a test to see if the basement room offered enough light. But I liked how it looked and kept it. I fiddled with it too, to make it look "artsy."

I fiddled with this picture too. I love the random poses. Other Jim is in fact texting.

I asked for the boys to sit for a group picture. This is how OJ treats his younger brother.

This picture was actually born of a suggestion from my sliding-down-the-stairs-on-her-hinder-to-make-people-laugh-while-they-are-getting-their-picture-taken mother. She said, "Everybody look NOT at the camera!"

One more note: Other than some of these silly ones, Paul had the same face for every other picture. He was like a statue. I will show you. I solemnly swear that these five pictures of Paul's head are from five DIFFERENT shots. Of course you can really tell with the last one. He was sitting in that picture.


Jen said…
Who knew that your mom would have a photography studio in her basement. The pictures turned out great, and this is coming from someone who usually despises studio portraits. And to everyone wondering how your family card will look: nah, nah, nah, boo, boo, I got to see it already. Paul, the cement-head. That would perfectly describe him (at least in those pictures).
Jen said…
P.S. I did get a picture of your mother on the stairs, but it was so dark and grainy that you could hardly tell what was going on it. Boo-hoo.
Jenni said…
Maybe I get my clutzy-ness from mom. And me likey the pictures!!

If nothing else, Paul is consistent. That is hilarious. I bet he has been practicing this pose and smile in the bathroom.
Jessie said…
Paul's five identical faces are making me crack up! That is AMAZING that he can do the exact same look every time! (Bon looks like he's in pain when he does a "forced" smile for a picture)
Jenni-Mom's slide down the stairs was intentional! I don't know what possessed her! But it was funny.

Jessie-Paul usually looks pained too. This was the first time he looked semi-natural for pictures. I guess he finally figured out how to look and stuck with it. I've been telling Jen that we are going to have a "fun" time with Paul when she takes his senior pictures. He's either going to look exactly the same in all the shots or he'll be looking like he's about to be hit by a truck.