Loose end from Christmas

I don't believe I ever displayed the 2010 children's picture ornament for some to see (like Katie).

There. Now you've seen it.

I like to play a game every year after I've hung up the series of ornaments with the kids' picture on it. After the ornaments have hung on the tree for a few days, I like to go back and find each ornament in order. Matt made sure I did that this year.

And when I take the picture ornaments off the tree, I have to spread them out and look at them, like this:
Matt likes to look at them with me. He thinks it's strange that there were picture ornaments from before he was born, but even more strange that there was an Evans family before he was around.

I'm treading dangerous ground here...some of you might think I am waxing nostalgic and getting sentimental, especially with the impending departure of OJ. Not so. Just last night, I was talking to a friend and telling her that I was looking forward to the day when I could make....a HALF-SIZE CASSEROLE...using only the 8x8 pan instead of the 9x13! She is at that point and says it is so wonderful!

Someday, perhaps, there will be a grocery shopping trip that will only net two bags instead of five. Oh happy day!


Jen said…
I enjoyed looking through all your picture ornaments. It is odd to see the years leading up to the magic 5. I noticed there was just Katie on 2 ornaments, then just Katie and Jimmy on 2 ornaments, then Katie, Jimmy, and Paul on 3, the how there is no gap between having Hayley added and then Matt on the next ornament. It really lays out how your family grew over the years. So now are you going to start counting down with your pictures until there are no kids left to take yearly ornament pictures? With Violet crying at my side right now, I just can't imagine being at the point you're at with adult children. I don't think I'll EVER be at that stage.
Jenni said…
One would think that with only 3 measley kids we would be at that half casserole stage, but we aren't. Maybe next year. I look forward to taking the leaf out of hte kitchen table next year and having some manuverability in the kitchen area.

I like to get out my ornament spreadsheet and see who is leaving (graduating) and who is born. I am having more graduates than births these days!!