How to play "Go Germs, Go!" (for K-5th graders):

Depending on the number of children playing, there will be 4-7 "taggers." Each tagger has a ball which they will throw at the other kids--the "germs."

The germs line up on one side of the gym against the wall. The taggers wait on the other side. Taggers must stay on that half and not cross the middle line until all the kids have made it to the other side or been tagged out.

The taggers yell "Go germs, go!" and the germs then try to run to the other side of the gym without getting hit by a ball thrown by a tagger.

If you get hit by a ball, you must sit out the rest of the game on a side wall of the gym.

Most importantly, you must complain loudly and ferociously to the supervising staff members that the game is unfair and the taggers are all ganging up on you and they can't go after you three times in a row and it's not fair and he didn't hit me and I was safe and all the taggers are 5th graders anyway and it's not fair and he threw the ball at my head and I was tying my shoe so I wasn't playing that second and it's unfair!

Then you get mad when the supervising staff lady says, "Just repeat to yourself it's just a game, I should really just relax."

Doesn't that sound like fun?


Jen said…
I remember those days when I worked at the elementary school, and there were always kids that just didn't know to play elimination without being big ol' babies about. Parents these days are not doing their kids any favors. I like your response though. That's perfect, and I wish I had thought of it. I would just tell them that if they didn't like the way the game was going then they should go play something else.
I tell them that too. Gym time is a privilege and if they get too worked up and argumentative, they get sent back to the main room where they may read or play board games or play with toys. Most of them will sulk, but won't argue after that.
Jenni said…
ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!! Kids drive me nuts. I don't know how some people tolerate their children.