Moderation in moderation

Did you know I have two 6-packs of Hershey bars in my sewing room? They are right out in the open and in easy reach. I know they are there too. This isn't like last time when I forgot I had them.

I bought these two 6-packs to make oatmeal cookies for Christmas, but I ran out of time (besides Dave said he'd bring them to the dinner we had on Christmas). So now the Hershey bars are just...sitting there.

I'm amazed at my will power. I've only eaten two bars, one a day yesterday and the day before. This newfound fortitude and resistance deserves a celebration.

Break out the Hershey bars!

(Also: OJ starts college in less than a week. We leave in two days to take him out there. To quote a niece of mine, this is mind-bottling.)


Dennis said…
Don't resist, give in to the temptation, eat them, you know you will enjoy them and you know how much you love chocolate, so go ahead, eat them all at one sitting.

OJ to college - now that is mind botteling. He is a handsome young man and he will make a great missionary too.
Jen said…
I can't say I could resist. In fact, whenever we have 6 packs of full Hershey bars, I usually give in and sneak one for a snack. Then Mike gets mad at me when we break out the s'mores stuff and notices that there isn't enough chocolate. Whoops! However, I do prefer dark chocolate, preferably with either carmel or coconut involved.

Good luck to O.J. I can't believe it either. There was a AFV video of a ring bearer doing something silly, and he totally looked just like Jimmy did when he was our ring bearer. That's how I'll always remember him.
Jenni said…
I can't believe you all go out there in 2 days. WOW. My mind is completely bottled.

And, you are completely moderate.