Got snow?

Cuz I have extra. Lots of extra, in fact.

We are in the middle of a blizzard here in MN. I love blizzards! I am forced to stay at home, which is great! We have plenty of hot cocoa (although we are running a little thin on marshmallows) to drink. and Christmas movies to watch.

So far this storm has conferred upon us 13 inches, and the clouds seem to be working overtime to produce still more.

The only bad thing is that Other Jim had to work. He was supposed to work at 11 a.m. but because the roads were terrible, Jim drove him and they didn't get to Mart of Wal until noon (a 7-minute drive took them 45 minutes). And since no one is out and about today (unless they have a death wish to get eaten by ferocious snow banks), OJ probably gets to sit around at an empty store.

Katie is spending a day in St. George and she called us to ask about the snow. She's looking at palm trees and I'm looking at this:
And I'm fine with that.


Jen said…
Just wow! You weren't kidding when you said you were snowed in. Your deck chairs are almost completely buried. Poor O.J. for having to still work today. As if people are going to be crazy enough to shop today. I suppose there will be some crazies though. Enjoy your day in and drink lots o' hot cocoa. You've inspired me to do the same in honor of your snow storm.
Jenni said…
I miss that. Mostly I would like an excuse to have to stay home and get stuff done. But, I sure wish it was snowy here.