I'm Dreaming of a White Birthday

Ten things on my birthday in visual form (in progress. I will add to the list as the day goes on):
1. Bright sunny and COLD
2. The deck is one big drift of snow

3. The driveway glacier was removed with four shovelers and one snowblower. Jim was able to walk on the top of it and it was probably three feet wide and just as deep. Even if church hadn't been canceled, we would not have made it until after the snow was cleared. Just shoveling would have taken several hours.4. Cake! Jim made it, kids decorated it with leftover fondant from the turkey cake.
5. Matt added this bullseye
6. and this "planet"
7. The cat celebrates by sitting in the box that contained my present (a food processor/blender)
8. OJ gave me this birthday card:

9. CLICK ON THIS to see what happened to the Metrodome on my birthday

10. OK, no more images or videos. Just imagine a happy me.


Jenni said…
What a memorable birthday!! So much excitement and a day (actually two) at home. That would be the best present ever for me. I hope you had a very happy day and that you liked my texts. Now I'm going to call you.
Jen said…
What a cake! You're family must really love you. Glad you had an enjoyable day. Happy Birthday!
Mike said…
Hippo Birdie! Sorry I missed it on the exact date. I did remind Jenny to send you an ecard, does that count? I am intensely jealous of all the snow you guys got, we got squat, just wind and about half an inch. happy for you though and congrats on the food processor, was it a Bosch?
Theeenks Mike. I'll count your reminder, THIS time. I treasure those ecards I get.

And no, not a Bosch. A Cuisinart.