Is something from 2004 retro yet?

Because I spent the weekend in a mild state of hysteria over an activity, today's post will simply be ornamental.

We have a tradition in our family: every year, I add a family picture ornament to our tree. This is the one from 2004.
Sometimes I make the ornament, and sometimes I buy a ornament frame, like I did for the one above. The tradition started because back when Katie was not yet one, someone gave us a "baby's first Christmas" ornament:The year after that, I had a cute picture of Katie and put it on the tree. When Other Jim arrived, I had to add him too. Of course he would be sad if Katie had her face on the Christmas tree and he didn't. Now all the kids expect a new family picture ornament and they start asking me in November if I'm going to do one.

I haven't done the one for this year yet, but I do have the picture for it. The last two years, Katie hasn't been in the picture, but this year she will be because she was here for the picture-taking.

I am glad that what was giving me fits this weekend--salt dough ornament project for work--is over. And Jake, thank you for the jokes this morning. I didn't let on how much I needed the laugh when I talked to you, but I really did. You texted at just the right time.


Jen said…
What a nice family tradition. I wish I would have thought to do something like that, but we're a little behind how (try 7 years). Oh well, we do get the annual, personalized ornaments from Auntie Jenni that the girls enjoy getting each year.

I just have to mention that when the girls got this year's ornaments I was telling Annie how when she got married then she would get take all those ornaments from Jenni to start her own tree and that she'd have 37 to start with. Ha, I make myself laugh. If only I could get my babies to wait that long before they officially grow up and get married. Sniff, sniff.
TaterBean said…
Mom...I think you need to post all of them so I can see 'em again. I wish I had a tree to hang my ornaments on. Julia and I were going to get a tree but they were too expensive...maybe next year!
Jenni said…
I like your ornaments. I just really like Christmas stuff. A newlywed was over and was lamenting her lack of decor and I gently reminded her that this was 21 years of collecting and after-Christmas sales. Our first tree was only 3 feet tall and I made enough ornaments to cover the FRONT of the tree. sad. But, that is just what it was!!