Decorating the blog

Because I fried my brain yesterday this week with working extra hours and can think of nothing to post about, I am resorting to posting pictures of my Christmas decor.

I finally have an entry way display that looks classy. The advent is from my sister, who does some awesome cross-stitching. I got the candle sticks at a white elephant gift exchange. I don't think the person who brought the candle sticks totally got the idea of white elephant; I snapped them up quickly and hid them behind my legs so no one would steal them from me.

Anyway, Jim took the day off today so that we could go to lunch. Happy Friday!


Jenni said…
That cross-stitch looks great!! I was jealous of it when I saw it, then I remembered making it - silly me. Awesome candlesticks. Glad you had a nice day.
Jen said…
Very classy! It's been a crazy busy week for me, too. I haven't had time to blog, and it's driving me nuts. I have been in and out the door every day this and had and will have something going on every single night this week. I so want this week to be over.