April Fool's.....or is it?

Ten things that might (or might not) be true:

1. Dishwasher isn't draining. This comes on the heels of a very sickly van (leaky brakes and bad body control module that controls windshield wipers and gas tank sensors).
2. Infection of our computer with the conficker virus.
3. Stubbed my toe on the bed frame this morning and now it is swollen and it hurts to put on my shoes. No exercise today.
4. All three kids needed lunch money TODAY.
5. Cats puked on the pile of clean shirts to be ironed, specifically MY shirt.
6. I'm pregnant.
7. Last-minute babysitting. Sigh.
8. I bought an organ.
9. I found another mouse in the garage eating away at my box of beloved dresses that WILL fit again someday.
10. I baked a chocolate cake to get me through this day of unfortunate events.

PS. Do you have old ties in your house that someone won't wear anymore? Do you also have children? Is Easter coming up? Check out this cool craft! I think I'm going to root through the tie collection of husband and sons to see if we can gather enough to try this out.


Shantel said…
Pregnant???? April Fool's???? Or is it???
Dennis said…
I can buy into everything you listed except the pg one. Did you really buy an organ? Was it a pancreas or perhaps a liver or perhaps the largest organ of all, some skin?
Yes, I have old ties that I will gladly donate to the cause.
froggybaby said…
I'm so excited to be an Auntie again!! I'll start the quilt tonight!!