Wherein I throw up my hands at the Evans family fleet of vehicles, one in particular

I think my van has some health issues. Either that, or it REALLY likes the mechanics at the local Goodyear.

Thursday evening, I went to pick Matt up from a friend's house several miles away. As I drove home on a stretch of Hwy 13, I began to notice an unfamiliar sound, sort of a grinding, fingernails-on-chalkboard sound emanating from the front passenger side of the car. As I drove through Prior Lake, I noticed that the steering wasn't as functional as I'd like. I could still make the car go where I wanted to, but it was a tad more difficult. And it was more difficult to speed up after stopping.

Panic set in because this noise was so irritating and I couldn't begin to guess what it was. I was afraid the car was going to explode at any minute. I called Jim as I was getting close to home and asked him to wait outside for me to pull in because something was wrong with the car. Matt piped up from the back, "And it's leaning to one side." Just as I pulled in, I thought that it might be a flat tire.

Matt raced out of the van to check and sure enough, that sucker was flatter than a pancake. The awful sound I had heard was me DRIVING ON THE RIM the whole way home. ACK!

We hastily rearranged our schedules, both Jim and I had places to be and so did Paul. I canceled my plans while Jim called in to work to ask if he could be late while he drove Umpire Paul to some baseball games.
Paul pumped the tire up with the bike pump so I could drive it to the mechanic and get a new tire put on. I spent my evening reading my Humanities text at the Goodyear.

This is the fourth time in 3 months that the van has been in to see the car doctor. At least it was only a tire. But what will be next, van with no name?


It's a good thing you have Matt around to diagnose the problem! Our van is entering that do-we-replace-it-or-wait-until-it-blows-up? stage too.
Jen said…
Thank goodness it was just a flat tire and not $1000's in repairs needed. Yikes! Sorry you had to sit and wait to get new tires though. I had to do that a couple of months ago, but I didn't think ahead enough to bring somefing of my own to read and instead had to read the lovely magazines that a tire store would provide.