The Cat-lover in the Hat and Thing One and Thing Two

Hayley has moved on from amigurumi Mario and Pokemon creatures (she finished a Mew--a pink cat-like thing) to wearables. She crocheted a hat for herself WITHOUT a pattern! She did it all yesterday and hasn't taken it off since she finished it. It fits her quite well.
Matt, anxious to get in on some more blog exposure, created these two, um, creatures. I have no idea what they are. They have eyes, obviously, and one isn't even knitted. He just amasses materials of all sorts and does his own thing to these raw materials. Then, several hours later, VOILA, the world is two stuffed blobs richer.
Not to be outcreated by my own children, I tried my hand at amigurumi too. This is the result.You have to guess what it is. I'll post the finished thing sometime in the future. (No it's not complete. Well, that particular element is finished, but it's only one of several pieces of a certain thing)


Geesh, your kids are all knitting and such, and mine are just watching a cartoon. I think I need to upgrade our "entertainment" portion of the day.
Jen said…
How awesome and innovative of Hayley to make her own headwear without a pattern. Matt's creatures are, umm, interesting, but good for him to try his hand at something creative. I'm guessing you are trying out some projects from the book. I think it may be a hamburger bun. Am I right, am I right?
Steph--they knit/crochet while watching Looney Tunes (with their mother) so don't think I'm all anti-TV or any sort of perfect mother who has the day's crafts and activities all planned out so I can spend the day making memories (that phrase gives me the willies). They just naturally like making stuff.

Jen--You are correct! I did an onion ring and the bottom half of the bun last night (while watching Seinfeld reruns).
froggybaby said…
Nice buns!! Cute hat. All fun!! Great talents all around. I make my kids do stuff while they watch TV. Although, Rozzie didn't cut her quilt pieces today. I really like Matt's friends.