I am where I am

And without a phone. From now on, the This is the Place monument will forever be remembered by me as This is the Place Where I Lost My Phone (and I believe it was stolen). I can account for my phone's whereabouts up until we approached the big statue. I was texting Katie. 15 minutes later, we left This is the Place for Emigration Canyon. 5 minutes down the road I thought I heard the noise of my phone signaling a text message. I searched my pockets (where my phone last set up residence) to no avail. Then I moved on to searching the car. To no avail. Then we backtracked and spent about 30 minutes at This is the Place. No phone. Sigh. So don't try to call me.

Other than that, the trip out to visit Katie and help her move (yes, she is moving) has been great fun. Expect pictures later. I took many in the Badlands and at Mt. Rushmore. I could visit those two places every year and not ever get tired of them.

Anyway, we are here and we are safe. Now off to the phone replacement store where I can get my life back (but not my phone numbers). Then to a restaurant where Katie works. Then off to an organ so I can help Katie out with organ registration.



froggybaby said…
I know what I know;
I can say what I say...
- Paul Simon

Glad you are there safe. I know the frustrations of phone theft. Anger, disappointment in the human race, etc. Have an enjoyable visit with your daughter.
Jen said…
Ugh, what a frustrating thing to go through while traveling. Your mother did get her phone back safely. She's passes on her gratitude for letting her know. Sorry the same good fortune couldn't have happened to you:(

Glad you made it safely to UT. Hope Katie's move goes well and that she enjoys her new digs.