Home again, home again, jiggety jog

After killing more bees in South Dakota with the truck than I care to think about, we are home.

Note to self: If I want the house looking spic and span and cleaner than all get out, leave Paul and Other Jim home for a week by themselves. Or probably just Paul. Seriously, the house is like new!

Edited to add: Paul informed me that he and Jimmy shared the work equally. The list I left of things for them to do was quite helpful as well.


Jen said…
Yay, glad you guys made it home safely. Seriously, send Paul to live with us for a while. There would be lots for him to clean. The girls are really good at keeping the house nice and dirty no matter how hard I try otherwise.
Dennis said…
Glad you're home safe and sound. I don't feel sorry for all the dead bees and bugs. They knew what they were doing by flying on or near roadways.
Have you ever thought of renting out Paul? You could make a bundle off him.
froggybaby said…
Welcome home - not that I was there to greet you. Glad the house was clean. You can tolerate nearly anything if the house is clean. I'm hoping for similar results next week!