I'm skipping exercise this morning

It's amigurumi showcase time!

Hayley went to an amigurumi camp this summer where she learned to crochet, and since then, she has been hogging all the yarn in the house to make little creatures (like she and Matt don't have enough stuffed animals in the house!).

Matt knitted a rabbit earlier this year and, with Hayley being consumed with crocheting, he had to get in on the fun. So he knit this thing. He didn't use a pattern, he just made it up as he knit. I could be all helicopter-parent-like and say "Isn't it wonderful? Isn't he so creative?" and give him kisses and stars and have a party, but I break out in hives every time I try to act like a really good caring parent who wants to foster and nurture my child's precious self-esteem. Sorry kids. Personally, I think Blue/Green Rectangular Thing is hilariously odd. It reminds me a little of Spongebob. I'm so glad Matt doesn't create things to get his ego boosted.
This is the combined collective of the crocheted/knitted things of the recent month.Let's start with blue round creature who has only eyes. Hayley says this is a mushroom based on some Mario game or something. The next thing is the red thing with almond shaped eyes. You can't tell in the picture, but Red Thing has textured hair. I don't know how Hayley did that. It's actually quite an interesting technique. Red Thing also has a pack of some kind strapped to its back, which I don't know the function of. Red Thing is also really floppy. In the front is Bombomb (yes, that's it's name). It too is some sort of game creature. (No, my children do not knit cute cuddly things. They make representations of individuals in the Mario pantheon. Oh joy. If I were a really good parent, they wouldn't play video games, would they? We would be going on nature walks 24/7 and we wouldn't own a TV) The green thing in the back is the elfish creature (possibly named Link) Hayley made for Matt. It's his dolly (he hates it when I call it that). You've already met Blue/Green Rectangular Thing. The fish in the front is a dishcloth pattern that I had from my monthly Knit-Along. Matt liked it so much that he wanted to give it a try. He learned two new knitting techniques--using two colors and the knit/purl rib stitch.

Not related to the yarn arts: Haircutting. The unintentional Dorothy Hamill style. As in I cut it too short. She wasn't too mad at me though, thankfully. She did want it short (but probably not this short).


Jen said…
Hayley and Matt did a great job on their "dollies". I recognize Link as I was a Zelda player when I was Hayley's age.

I love Hayley's new haircut. It reminds me of my hair when I was living in MN. Very cute!
Karie said…
Hayley's hair is quite cute. Sometimes too short can be a serendipitous mistake.

As for the crocheted dolls (like I'm gonna try to spell amirimagamimimimi), they are quite impressive. Well, yes, the blue/green Spongebob *is* weird, but in a cute way. The fact that your kids are taking on the challenge of fiber arts is pretty awesome. And good for you for not being a helicopter parent. My philosophy is you do things your way (whether it's celebrate every tiny creative thing they do, a la SouleMama, or recycle their art on the sly, a la me), and as long as they know they're loved and appreciated for who they are, their self-esteem will be just fine.

Of course, I don't have any teenagers yet, so we'll see how effective my philosophy is in ten years or so! But I do hate the blogs that encourage you to keep every little thing your kid does and praise them to the skies for it. Seems like overkill, and where are you supposed to put it all, anyway?

Stepping off soapbox now.
Shantel said…
Those look great!!!! I would pay her to make Porter a giant Kirby for Christmas, and a giant Link for Sawyer. Seriously. You cant buy that, andthey woudl love it!
Does she want a side job?
Yes! Bring the Dorothy Hammill cut back!
froggybaby said…
Cute Hayley!! She looks good with it - compliments her face!

Love the dolls. Maddie so wants to do that. She is teaching herself. I'm impressed with Matt's ability to do the fishy tawashi. I fear that these days, everyone thinks their kids are so bright, but then never give them a chance to prove it. I like that your kids can knit, I've got mine knitting. Everyone thinks they are too young, but in the olden days (even oldener than us) kids were doing WAY more complicated things. I like that Matt made his own pattern for Spongebob Squarehead. He is quite impressive. YAY for doing things with hands. Sister Harper once told me that she liked having Morgan in her class and that she could tell I'd hade Morgan doing crafts because 1) she didn't sit there are say "I'm not good at this, I can't do it." 2) she knew how to weild a hot glue gun!!
froggybaby said…
PS - Since I work in a high school I am qualified to make this statement: Most kids self-esteem (egos) have been boosted WAY beyond their actual capabilities and accomplishments. So just let their accomplishments speak for themselves and know it your heart that they done good.
Jessie said…
I showed the picture to Bon, and before I could give any explanation, he said "Oh, wow, that Link is WAY good!"

(for what it's worth - which is probably very little) Hayley, you have Bon's admiration.