Paul before braces:
Paul before braces and during a momentary bout of the crazies:
Paul during braces and with the camera too close to his face:
Check back in 18 months for the "after" pictures.

Paul hasn't complained of any pain, although he did say that it felt weird to eat.


froggybaby said…
Yay!! Now don't go kissing girls with braces!! Looking good though, so that will be difficult!
Jen said…
He better have those off before his senior pics. Other than that, he looks great and will be so pleased with all the pain involved with having them. Mike wants me to get braces again, but I told him there is no way in Hades that I would do it unless I could get Invisalign. I still have nightmares about the horrors of having those metal torture devices in my mouth. But tell Paul it isn't so bad;)
froggybaby said…
And by the way, when I saw the title, my slightly dyslexic brain read it "weird" which is also appropriate.
TaterBean said…
hehe...poor paul...i hate those things