R and R at my house

Roll call:

Jim? Not here, at work. Will be home later to do dishes and to be used as a footrest and a teddy bear.
Katie? Still in Utah, still working.
Other Jim? Gone for most of the day as a hired hand, helping a guy move his office.
Paul? Gone to cross country camp for the weekend.
Hayley? Packing to leave for a mighty long stint with Grandma in an hour.
Matt? Ditto. He and Hayley are going with Grandma to visit a new cousin. Their mission will be to lend a hand playing with already-used cousins.

Me? Home by myself for several hours during a summer day! The only way the day could be more perfect was if I didn't have to host fake child later on until 10:30 p.m. and if it would STOP RAINING. *shakes fist at sky* mutters to self: "three days straight! Not a drop all June or July, but now, when I have a day to enjoy, it's gotta rain!"

This weekend will be a taste of future empty nest years. Other Jim doesn't demand much of our attention anymore (oh how times have changed!) and everyone else will be gone! Jim and I can cuddle on the couch without grossing out the children. The air will be empty of "Mom can you help me..." and "Mom, I can't find..." and "Mom, I need..."

Oh blessed aging of the children! Don't get me wrong, I loved all of them as little ones, but I kind of lost my identity, my sense of self, during the long years of attending to their needs and neglecting mine. It will be nice to get to know myself again. (Actually, I've already started down that path to rediscovery since I no longer have any babies or toddlers or preschoolers.)

I'm sure I'll be glad to welcome them all back when they come home, but for now, I'm happy to wave goodbye too.


Jen said…
I envy you these days. As much as I love having a new, new being around, the older children make for a loud, crowded, and busy home. I'm sure in a few years I'll be wondering how we got to that point so quickly and wishing for the good ol' days.
froggybaby said…
Enjoy that weekend!! When do you go off to Utah? Knit. Sew. Read. All that good stuff. Me? I'm at school late each day trying to be prepared for 70 bright children who are thirsting for the information that I possess.
TaterBean said…
mom...you should take me back :) so what are you bringing me? actually call me the night before you leave...so i can remind you what all you need to bring...i have some stuff i want. thanks! :)