An-other birthday for Other Jim

Ten things for Other Jim's birthday (.588 things for each year)

1. Other Jim is 17 today.
2. He starts his last year of public education in a few weeks.
3. Right now he's enjoying his birthday by sleeping in. Of course that's how he enjoys every day of the summer...
4. He wants a cake decorated like an iPod. We'll see if I can pull that off. I might have to do a fondant circle thing and apple logo. Wish me luck.
5. Because of events beyond my control yesterday, I am sorely behind in getting ready for OJ's birthday. Some pieces of advice I gleaned from yesterday's adventures: always make sure that Paul has in his hand his original birth certificate for the permit test and not a photocopy. And failing to do that, bring every piece of evidence that Paul is who he says he is to the DMV so you don't have to make frantic calls home to ask Other Jim to find Paul's social security number, then make Paul memorize the number so you don't have to freak out like that ever again. Because of all of that, a 10 minute test turned out to be a 2 hour ordeal, one that I had to go through WITH fake child along for the ride. So naturally, I had to spend the rest of yesterday NOT making icing like I was going to do, but recuperating from a buzzing head.
6. Back to OJ. He doesn't know what he wants for his birthday. He is SO not helpful.
7. He might end up with several boxes of saltines and a bag of minute rice if he doesn't come up with some ideas soon.
8. He claims that he's not that interested in "birthdays." He says he's mature enough now to view birthdays as just another day and no big fuss is needed. Right. So no cake then? "Well," he backpedals, "I do like cake."
9. Flashbacks to OJ's younger days: (age 4) After a particularly trying day with Jimmy, I asked him in desperation, "What will it take for you to be a good boy?" Jimmy's reply: "Giving me a lot of money." (also age 4) "Mommy, can I have a cough drop?" "No, you haven't been coughing," I said. "Can I have a burp drop? I burped." And one of my favorite flashbacks from Jimmy's youth: he ran up to me and said, "Mom! We know three Mikes. Michael Watkins, Michael Carter, and Uncle Jake!" (for those of you who don't get it, I do have a brother named Mike, but Jimmy got momentarily confused and named a different uncle instead of Mike)
10. Pictures, shall we?
Click on this one to see it in bigger form:Collage photo: courtesy of Jen, who takes really really good pictures and is kind enough not to throw knives at me for screwing things up like forgetting to mention things like portrait view instead of landscape or not checking the sizes of storyboards that I order.


Jen said…
Happy Birthday, OJ! Or is not cool to wish you a happy birthday;) Either way, I hope OJ enjoys his special day.

Sorry for you to have to deal with the DMV mess. I've been through that so many times that I now bring everything that I can possibly think of that would prove that I am who I am. The DC DMV expected this, but the WI DMV thought I went a tad overboard. That's why it's better to live in the midwest.
froggybaby said…
Advice for OJ: You are the only one who can stand up for your day. I turned 40 this year and made a big deal out of it. It is your right; it has nothing to do with maturity. Tell everyone you see, "It's my birthday." If they ask if you want a song, the answer is "yes."

I love the quote on knowing 3 Mikes - on of my favorite Jimmyisms. Happy birthday to the hamsone young man.

And good luck on the cake. I know cake panic - see my post on McCall's cake. I may be smiling happily, but there was great inner turmoil for two weeks.

Could you spare Travis some burp drops?
Dennis said…
Happy Birthday OJ otherwise known as IVth.
TaterBean said…
pictures of the cake???