I am glad for many things

I was going to post a couple of pictures of Hayley's new addiction (making amigurumi), but I think I will save that for tomorrow.

Today I am glad I followed a hunch. I am also glad that the hunch turned out to be nothing immediately worrisome. I'm thirdly glad that now that I know what I know, I can keep an eye on Paul's back. (For a few more years, I will "have Paul's back." HAHAHAHAhahaha....ha...ha?)

The dermatologist's office called this morning with a report. The mole that was removed from Paul's back is a dysplastic nevus and not cancerous but it did have some abnormal cells (I mentioned that I wasn't worried. And I'm still not). But it is a signal to check his skin often and slather on the sunscreen while he's out running cross-country.

I'm glad I took a picture of the mole with a ruler two years ago so that I knew for sure this year that the mole had grown.

So check for moles, take pictures with a ruler so you can gauge growth, see a dr about anything abnormal, and wear sunscreen! And a hat. And underwear (not that doing so will prevent skin cancer, it's just common decency).

That's three people in the family who have had biopsies done. Four to go.


Dennis said…
I think of all the summers I spent at the beach lying in the sun. We (me and Ed) would go almost every day for the entire summer (except Sundays) and not a drop of sun screen (there was no such thing then) touched our bodies. One time we even took masking tape with us and tanned our initials oon our backs. On the other hand my dad has had his nose rearranged at least 4 times (not to mention other parts of his face) due to spending so much time in the sun when he was a carpenter.
I guess we were very lucky that there were no adverse affects.

What do you do with the ruler? (I know, just kidding)
froggybaby said…
Glad to know and glad you followed the hunch. Although, I'm not implying that Paul is hunchbacked - the two words just came up in the same post. And so he continues running. Looking forward to the post on Hayley's work. You should have posted Paul's before and after pictures, rulers and all!!
Yeah, dad, we used to use baby oil for extra burning!

Froggy, ooh, I just might post Paul's mole pictures tomorrow. He won't know cuz he never reads mah blog.
Jen said…
Thank goodness that it was nothing to worry about. Mike had some weird thing removed from his ear which turned out to be benign, but it's always safe to have those things checked out.

Oh my, I have to say that if I were Paul, then I don't think I would like my mother posting pictures of my growing mole for the world to see on the internets. Then again, I would probably do the same if it were of my kids or husband;)

We never used sunscreen as kids. My friend and I used butter and foil to get try to get extra tan on her roof one summer. She got fried. I was just fine. Nowadays I would burn to a crisp. It's funny how our skin changes as we age.