Sliding along

Matt has a new friend, but we don't have a name for him yet.

During summer band lessons for Hayley and Paul (who helped teach; he was not taught), a sign appeared on the doors of the lesson rooms: "Trombone for Sale." Matt has expressed a gleeful interest in the trombone since Katie started appearing in band concerts many years ago and this was the perfect opportunity to get a trombone cheap. I contacted the seller and arranged for payment and pick-up. We brought the new friend home today and this is Matt's first experience with it.

Yes, he's doing it wrong. I told him he was holding it wrong, but that I didn't know how to put it together. He fiddled around with it for a few seconds and finally got it.
Yes, he can make noise with it. He can blat with the best of beginners. He won't be starting band this year at school; because of budget cuts, the fifth grade band is no more. But the instrument was such a good deal that I had to take advantage of it now. Next year, when he is eligible to sign up for band, I won't have to worry about renting an instrument. For your viewing "pleasure," I now offer you a taste of the ambient music I will be listening to for the next 7 years.


Dennis said…
Playing and marching too. Jessie tried the trombone too but lost interest.
Soon you will have your own band.
Dennis said…
Now you just need 75 more for the Music Man
froggybaby said…
Hopefully he'll learn to do more than just make it fart! That is really exciting. He looks very happy!
That's so great. Maybe there are some lessons online, like youtube or something to get him started. Too funny.
Jen said…
Funny video! But I think he's doing a pretty good job for his first time. I don't think I could get any sound to come out. That was my experience with a trumpet. No matter how hard I tried, no sound. Just a blue, tingly face/lips.

I do have to ask you get the thing sanitized from the previous user when you purchase a brass instrument? I remember when Gary was approached with a good deal for some expensive harmonicas, but they previous user had had TB. He decided not to purchase them. It wasn't until then that I never considered that illness could get passed on through an instrument. And I have no idea why I even know about the harmonica story. We must have been visiting their house when this was going on.
TaterBean said…
i LOVE it!!! lol now can you post a video of him blowing as LOUD and as LONG as he can? I would like to hear that!
were short on trombones in marching this year, maby you could send him down.