Picture much?

Can I just let the photos speak for themselves?

Um no. I tried to let the pictures speak for themselves but they wouldn't talk. Whoever said "pictures are worth a thousand words" probably meant to add "with an interpreter" but got sidetracked or something. I need to explain. I am driven to give the who, what, why, and wheres of my pictures. So bear with me. Then again, I am tired so you might not get a coherent explanation.

This is what happens when you drive through eastern South Dakota at dusk. Seriously, we murdered several tons of mosquitos.

Then Jim hit this behemoth. And he wouldn't pull over to remove it from the wiper. I had to not look at the windshield for hours cuz this was so nasty. On to something more fun. We stopped at a place near South Dakota to feed some prairie dogs. They were so friendly.
This was in the Badlands of South Dakota. Jim is surveying the landscape, considering the possibilities of becoming emperor of all he sees.Here I am, considering the possibilities of getting hat hair from Jim's A's hat.
Not only did we get to the Badlands, but we managed a trip to Rushmore as well. Here I am posing for my future head in stone with the other guys up there.Jim and I took the Presidential trail to get some alternate views of the guys made out of rocks. This view is from a little cave. I like little caves, especially with fabbo views like this one.After Rushmore, and after a drive through the beautiful Black Hills, we hit Wyoming. We saw more cattle than houses in Wyoming, but I'd still rather drive through Wyoming's desolateness than Nebraska's unending corn rows. While in Wyoming, we stopped in Evanston to visit a street with some family connection for Jim. He descended from people who lived on and named this street.
And here is the This is the Place (Where I Lost My Phone) Monument. I think the guy waving his hat has my phone.

And speaking of my lost phone, we replaced it this evening. All is well, except I don't have any phone numbers. I have an arduous chore of inputting family and friends' numbers ahead of me. I am so going to kick that guy on the horse for stealing my phone.


froggybaby said…
Great pictures. I really need to see Rushmore at some point, so do my kids. Thanks for the dead bug pictures. I'll be thinking of cleaning them off all day. Glad you had a nice trip, other than losing your phone.
Dennis said…
RE: Bugs on car/truck. Scrape them off, remove the license plate, get a large pot and fill with water, put scraped off bugs and license plate in boiling water, boil 5 minutes. Makes great soup. You can add some potatos, carrots, celery and onions for additional taste.

Have a fun trip.
Jen said…
Fun pictures of your travels. Glad you have a phone again. I hate it when those grills and windshields fill up with dead bugs on long trips. So ewww! Can't wait to hear more about your trip.