Guns 'n Poses

I spent another 6 hours at the Family History Library today fiddling around with OPRs, Civil Registration, IGI databases, Gazetteers, and microfilm machines. My head is now spinning as fast as the film reels on the rewinding machine. Did I break new ground? Probably not, but considering where I started, I have quite a bit for my project.

While I frittered away the hours in swivel chairs and flourescent lighting, Jim and Katie stood on rock-strewn ground in the blazing sun and shot stuff (targets).
But first, two pictures of Katie posing by Uncle Art's truck. Now for the guns. (Katie took these pictures)

I am now afraid to get on his bad side. I better start doing the dishes...


froggybaby said…
Yeah... Jim looks WAY to happy holding that gun. Step carefully.