Excuses and moles

I was going to post pictures of amigurumi by Hayley and fauxmigurumi (he knits, not crochets) by Matt but I haven't taken any pictures yet because I forgot to write it on my schedule.

Yes, I am slave to the schedule, at least for this week. I have this little problem, see, I never get anything done. I like to blame my lack of accomplishment on the four pieces of progeny that live in the house, but they are really only part of the problem (a big part, yes, but still not quite all of the problem). The part of the problem that I can't blame on the kids is that I cannot stay focused enough to figure out what chore/task/job/assignment/fun thing to do in the usually limited time I have between driving kids places. And I haven't been getting up early enough.

So for this week, I have written myself a schedule. I've allotted myself some blog time so that the schedule isn't made up of entirely boring household chores and Humanities assignments, but if I forget to write down on the schedule something as little as taking a picture of Hayley's yarn buddies and Matt's whatever-they-are-thingies, I forget to do them. So I'll write "take pictures of Hayley's and Matt's creations" down for this afternoon. I'm sure I can spare five minutes from cleaning out one of the cupboards in the bedroom. (Or ten minutes. Or the whole hour. Does it really need cleaning?)

I do have pictures though. I said I'd post pictures of Paul's mole (shhh, don't tell him).

Two years ago:
This past May:
No pictures of the hole in his back, though. Sorry.


Jen said…
Wow, that thing definitely did grow in 2 years. I definitely want to see pics of the loveys, too. Has the book come in handy yet with all those cute projects. I wish I had the energy and time to make some of those softies.
froggybaby said…
FASCINATING!! I love that you used a quilting ruler that is see through!

Very excited for the other kids' projects. It is nice to see what Paul has been working on, tho.
Micah said…
I hope any girls that paul likes don't read your blog.