Chuck or treat

The kids had a trunk or treating opportunity tonight (except Other Jim, who had to work). (I wasn't feeling in tip top shape so I stayed home.)

Hayley was the only one who was prepared with a costume. She had spent hours a few weeks ago in the sewing room. I had no idea what she was doing. I think she was using a pattern, but I'm not sure because I didn't find leftover pattern pieces floating around the sewing room. And all fabric remnants had been disposed of. The sewing room fairy must have cleaned up, because certainly Hayley NEVER would have cleaned up after herself, if her room is any indicator of a tendency (or gross lack thereof) toward picking up.

Apparently, this is what she was working on:

For those of you not familiar with video games, she is an elf. For those of you who ARE familiar with video games, she is Link. (bow and arrow supplied by generous brothers)

As I said before, Hayley was the only one who prepared. Ten minutes before Jim was to leave for the trunk or treat party, Matt was rooting through various drawers for something to turn into a costume. This is what he came up with:He says he is an explosion of Mario. I say he is weird. Whatever he is, it was good enough to score candy. He had a friend along, who you will see in a later picture.

Seven minutes before the leaving of the van, Paul came downstairs and began pawing through the DVD collection. I asked him what he was doing and he said he was looking for a costume idea. I shook my head. Really, is the best time to come up with a costume mere minutes before the trunk or treat event?

But he did come up with something good and something quick and something for which the component costume parts were readily available:

He went as Chuck. It's our favorite TV show.
Paul says most people knew who he was.

And here is a picture of Paul and Matt's friend Hayden, who went as an FBI agent. I took the picture of Paul and Hayden together because of the connection (Chuck is a spy and he works with both the FBI and the CIA).
Tune in tomorrow for my pumpkin.


Jenni said…
Hayley did a really good job! I am impressed. I have seen Chuck twice and thought it funny but haven't had the opportunity to really take it in. Matt.... pretty clever.

Remember the days when we slaved over costumes. Like Hayley, Maddie has done her costume on her own and in private. She said she would come to our house tomorrow so we could see it.
Jessie said…
Bon is very impressed with Hayley's costume (I am too)! And he says that Matt embodied the joy of all-things-Mario very aptly. :) And for a minute, I thought Paul was going as a missionary but I like his Chuck look instead!
Jen said…
Wow to Hayley. I actually guessed right away what she supposed to be because I used to play that game years ago in Jr. high. She did a great job! Shame on Matt and Paul for waiting mere minutes before getting a costume together, but I will say bravo to both of them for coming up with something. Paul actually did a pretty good job pulling off a Chuck.