Paul the inventor

This morning on the way to school, Paul and his friend were extolling the wonders of a hot shower. His friend said that he loves to turn the shower on hot and then lie down for a nap in the shower. (privately, I wondered how he didn't drown) Paul then suggested an idea for a new invention: the shower bed--a bed with shower capabilities. No need for blankets, because you'd apparently be warmed by a continuous hot shower all night long.

The only drawback he mentioned was pruny fingers.


Jen said…
I actually like Paul's idea. Maybe not for an entire night of sleeping but just for quick naps. It could buzz you when your time's up. I have to admit when I was younger I used to lay down in the shower and go to sleep. My mom wondered one day what it was that I was spending 45+ minutes in the shower as an elementary student and discovered it was because I snoozing. I told you I've never been a morning person.
Jenni said…
I have slept in the shower for maybe 20 minutes. I only needed a pillow. And sometimes the water goes up your nose. It is wonderful and Paul could make millions.