Today in the car

...the topic was the quality and rating of various sneezes. I did not know that sneezing was such a hot-button issue with the teen crowd.

Matt could put them all to shame though. He traffics heavily in nasal explosives. He's loud, he thrashes, and for crying out loud, HE. DOES. NOT. STOP. I've had to issue limitations on the number of times I'm required to "bless" him after he sneezes. He gets two geshundheits and THAT'S IT. Frequently, I'll even physically remove him to another room so he can sneeze his little heart out without covering me with his nasal discharge (his nostrils are a bottomless pit of goo).


Dennis said…
When Jen and Trav were here Travis sneezed 23 times (I remember us counting).
Jen said…
I know you're not exaggerating, I've heard Matt during one of his "fits". I'm sure it's frustrating as a parent to have to listen to that all the time (we certainly get annoyed when Annie starts up with her non-stop coughing during the cold season), but you have to feel sorry for the little guy who has to be the one who can't stop sneezing.
Jenni said…
Travis is the King of Sneeze, frequently going over 30. It is the ultimate annoyance!!
Matt has gone over 30 too.