Working sick

I worked myself up into a lather last night because I was still coughing hard enough to pop my lungs out through my mouth (my back aches from all the coughing and I practically unhinged my jaw too), and I was still producing enough mucus in my nose to choke a horse. I haven't been sick enough to convince myself to call in and skip work (or seminary) but I pay for it in the evening. Luckily it's Friday and the piano teacher will be recovering from jet lag so I have NO plans to go ANYWHERE this weekend. I am going to stay home and lie flat on my back and stare at the ceiling until this cold goes away. I'm going to chase it away with boredom.

Yeah, I'll let you know if a) that actually works, and b) if I actually manage not to do anything/go anywhere this weekend. Stuff always comes up, doesn't it? And colds probably love being bored.


Jen said…
Oh, SP, I'm sorry to hear of your coughing and illness woes. I hope you make a quick recovery. You definitely get some rest this weekend. I've had a similar cough for over 6 weeks. I finally went to the doctor and got on an antibiotic. It's finally starting to get better after 2 days on the meds. 6 weeks was pure insanity of this awful cough.
Jenni said…
Poor boo boo. Lock yourself in your room and don't be persuaded by any cute kids asking for things.