Squirrelly boy

The cake:

The boy and the cake
The boy when I made him laugh
He is now twelve.

Matt decorated most of the cake. I did the squirrel, but he colored the rest of the fondant and cut out the leaves with little cookie cutters that we happened to have on hand (!).

And yes, Matt likes squirrels, which is why there is one on his cake. (He does NOT like seeing dead squirrels on the side of the road, or stuffed squirrels in the guest bedroom at his Uncle Mike's house)


Jen said…
Happy Birthday, Matty Boy! I don't think it's possible that you're 12. I think your mother must be making time go by faster than it really should be.

That cake is perfect for Matt. I do recall Matt's fascination for squirrels and how he'd point them out at the zoo rather than be impressed by the exotic, foreign animals. Silly kid! I didn't realize it upset him so much to see the stuffed squirrel in the guest room (which by the way was not my idea or actually went against my wishes).

Personally, I have nothing against seeing dead squirrels anymore after I've seen all the damage they've done over the years to my gardens, landscaping, attic, and vinyl siding (yes, you read that correctly...those stupid rats have been sneaking up to live in our attic).
Jenni said…
Love the cake!! It is very festive and fun! And a happy birthday to Matt. He is one that certainly doesn't look old enough to pass the Sacrament, for sure. I'm sure he'll do just fine and maybe they can get a step stool for him so he can reach the table. He will love his youthful look when he is 40!
TaterBean said…
i love the cake!! can't wait for my turkey one for thanksgiving!