Here is what three of the kids and I did today:

Here we are outside the maze, standing by the map.

Paul led the way for about a third of the maze. He never got lost.
This is one of the Viking fun facts posted throughout the maze. We found all but one of them. The last one we skipped because we had found all six of the Victors (which is not shown on the O fact).
The three mazers
Here is Paul in the horn of the Viking's helmet, texting. He texted through most of the maze when he wasn't leading the way. STOP TEXTING WHILE I'M TRYING TO HAVE A FAMILY MOMENT.
Here is one of the Children of the Corn. He's at the very tip of the horn.
After the maze, we spent awhile in the petting zoo. We fed a camel, some llamas, an ostrich, a water buffalo, and much much more. We also saw little kangaroos. They are so soft.

Then Hayley and Matt went into the corn pit and tried to bury themselves in the kernels. Corn maze=fun!


Jen said…
Holy wow! When you said a corn maze I thought it would just be a few rows of corn cut out into a maze. But that is a-MAZE-ing. It must have taken ages to put together and organize and map out. Wow is all I can say. Now I want to go.

And the petting zoo doesn't sound like any I've ever been to before, kangaroos, a camel, and a water buffalo. Where is this maze in Africa or Australia?

P.S. In the first picture of the 3 kids, I thought it was Jimmy and not Paul since he has the dark shadow over his hair. He's definitely growing up.
Jenni said…
It was a Maise Maze and it was really cool. Love the design. It looks like everyone had a good time, including you. And especially Paul!
Jenni said…
Oh and seriously - that was the coolest petting zoo! We only ever get goats.
Dennis said…
Since there was a water buffalo at the petting zoo was Jimmy-Alicegate-Hockey there too?