I'm gonna buy stock in Kleenex

This recent lack of blogging activity is brought to you by a cold virus, lack of sleep, and too many projects that needed my attention.

But now two of the three are over. The cold and I are still inseparable though.

Here are some random pictures to peruse whilst I tend to my runny nose.
You'll have to caption the pictures yourself. I am headed for bed again.


Jen said…
So sorry you've been out of commission. I hope you recover quickly. Love to look at random, older pictures. Love the one of the 2 older boys. Can you believe they are both "men" now? And look how teeny Katie (?) was? It's just not possible.

Word Verification: innerrat (how is your inner rat?)
That teeny baby is Jimmy. Yes, he's wearing a dress.

My inner rat is fine.